God whispers in the wind.


Spring has come early to the prairies and the fields are dry from snow long gone.  Steel grey skies no longer hold the threat of snow to come.  Buds begin to bulge on branches that are ready to embrace the new life as sap begins to run.  Early blooms push bravely up seeking the rays of the sun.  There is the sense of a pregnant pause across the land; a waiting that is expectant in its quietness.    It is as if the land is on the cusp of something new and wonderful, an awakening of sorts.  Dust swirls in chaotic dance as the wind gently blows across the brittleness of last year’s grass.  Trees seem to spread their branches even lower trying to catch the wind.  A flash of red breast announces the return of the robin; a herald of springs return.

There is a whisper carried on the breeze; the voice of God calling forth that which has lain dormant through the long dark day of winter.  Nature bends its ear to hear the voice of Him who calls.  Hope springs eternal as seasons of life come and go and come again.  New life will spring forth; in His time and in its season.   God whispers His promise in the wind; “rain will come, it will fall on the dry and thirsty land.”  A gentle mist begins to fall gently onto the waiting tender buds as hungrily they drink in of its life giving flow.  God whispers and the land will bloom again.


25 bible verses about God sending rain



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He gathers the weary close



Habakkuk 3:16-18

The tribe of Gad finds itself in a hard and difficult time; place of bad news and sheer exhaustion.  Struggle after struggle with no fruit nor food.

Can you relate?  Is this the season that you find yourself in?

YET in this place Gad chooses to rejoice.

“I will rejoice.”

“I will joy in God”

And in that choosing of joy it is THEN God moves, making you like the deer.

He will give you the steady feet to walk on through and up into the “high hills”.


At times like this it is hard not to look at the reality yet He asks us to look to Him with eyes of faith.

He asks that we worship in the midst of the dark night.  Even as Paul and Silas praised in the midnight hour there is power in our praise that can shake and change the situation.


Trust in the power of Him and His promises.  Don’t let reality cancel your faith but make it the opposite.  This is a time to declare your faith through worship, prayer and the declaring of His promises.


What happened to Gad?

Genesis 49:19

“Raiders shall raid Gad but he SHALL TRIUMPH at last.”

Satan tries to make us lose our faith but like Gad, don’t quit in the battle.  Triumph is coming.


Deuteronomy 33:20

“And of Gad he said………

Blessed is he……

He is a lion………

His territory is enlarged……”

Gad did not surrender to oppression, to bondage.  Gad stood to fight as he proclaimed and declared the promises of God.


Do not be passive.

Be eager

Be hungry

Be thirsty

Be bold in your faith.


Worship God in the hard times and you WILL conquer this mountain.



He who breathes stars

Into existence

And who cradles

The galaxy in His Hand

Also holds the one

Who aches for more

Than this world can give

And He curls the fingers

Of those that reach for Him

Into the warmth

Of His hands

As He gathers the weary close

So that His heart beats

Out The message

That His hold is strong

Emmanuel, God with us

Never alone

And never let go




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A prayer for those in the fire


Beloved one, let Me speak to your heart

for you are battle worn.

Like a sword, once sharpened,

You have become dulled

By the fight.

Chipped and broken

By the battle

That has raged fierce

Against your soul.

Let Me

Take that sword

To reforge its blade

in the heat

Of My furnace.

It’s handle I will reset

With the costliest of jewels.

Stay with Me in this place

Even though the

bellows blast

And heat blows

Across your brow

It is I

That is at work

Within your heart

My workshop is not pleasant

With the heat

the burning of dross

And the clanging of metal

Yet, it is in this refinery

That weakness is exposed

So stay with Me

In this place of fire

As every fragile piece

Will be made strong


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Reaching Forward


God wants us to be free to dance in the destiny that He has ordained for our feet.

Our world is in crisis and we have been prepared for this hour and we are powerful weapons in the hands of God.

But there are times when our destiny seems like just “a dream” and there are also many things that can stop the dream:

  • Mindsets that develop into strongholds because of disappointments and hurts
  • A crisis of trust in God because of previous pain
  • Walls put up because of hurt and resentment
  • Circumstances that don’t seem to fit “the dream’

If left unchecked these can cause a darkness to creep into our hearts that block out the light of God’s destiny for us so we need to allow God to reveal any area in our life where we have been imprisoned by a “dream killer” and begin to understand how God sees us even in our brokenness.

God will expose the darkness of our hearts so that we can live in reality and not in hiddeness because of secrets that bind us with shame and stop us from moving forward in Him.

God has given to us a dream to walk in and even now our very steps are on that journey though we may not recognize that we are already on that path.


Joseph also had a dream and when we look at his journey we see that he was prophetic from a young age but his timing in sharing his dreams were too early and he needed to mature.  Yet, what looked like severe circumstances were actually the beginning steps of walking out his destiny.

Joseph went through shifts and changes and we can see the first major change when his robe was ripped off when he was a child and thrown into a pit, then sold to a caravan of Ishmaelites by his brothers.  This beautiful robe of many colours, made by his father, identified him as beloved of his father and here we see young Joseph being stripped of his identity and betrayed by those that should have loved him the most.

Transition times are not easy because they are often the times of the darkest and deepest of pains.

Joseph, meanwhile is brought to Egypt and purchased by Potiphar, an officer in Pharaoh’s court.  He is given a garment fit for a slave.  A new identity.  A season of submission.  And in this season another change is coming as Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph and rips of his coat, which is used as false evidence against him.

The loss of this slave garment was as significant as the loss of the first one because it had a similar effect.  Both caused Joseph to descend in rank and this time he was sent to the lowest of prisons.  Clothing also has special significance in the biblical world.  They marked and identified all classes of people ~ a King with robes of office ~ a priest with distinctive linen vestments and mourners who donned sackcloth for grief.  Clothing identified status and circumstance.

But God knew that these were not the coats Joseph was going to wear for the rest of his life.

The same is with us.  Destiny has different seasons where we are given robes to wear.  Sometimes those robes are torn off in order to make room for something new, even though we cannot see it at the time.  It is all part of God’s process and the maturing of what He gives to us.

Over time we see Joseph also in the garb of a prisoner, but it doesn’t last as in verse 41-43 we see Pharaoh arraying him in garments of fine linen and making him a prince over all the land of Egypt.

And God is also at work in us, continuing to birth those things within us and bringing us into a new chapter of His destiny for us.

Philippians 3:13

… this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before…


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