About Maria Egilsson

I am an author ~ encourager ~ life coach ~ teacher ~speaker ~ painter and a poet at heart.

I love to pen about the redemptive love of Christ.  He is my heart healer and wants to be yours as well.

I wish we could sit down together over coffee and talk about our life journey’s.

I would whisper in your ear:  You matter to God.  You really do.

I’ve discovered that in the midst of my own messy life and I want you to as well.

If you’re a seeker, you’ve come to the right place as so am I.

So pull up a chair as we journey closer to Him together.

I would describe myself as a continuous “work in progress”; a woman who has learned how to find deep satisfaction in the word of God. Through many desert places God has proven Himself faithful over and over again.

I am passionate about issues women face, their relationship with themselves, with God and the world around them.  My heartbeat is for women to see themselves as God sees them, to discover and pursue their God given destinies.


And if you want to know more:

Maria Egilsson
Diploma in Biblical Counseling
Early Childhood Diploma (ECE 3)
Certificate in Business Accountancy 
Management Certificate

Served as Director of the local Crisis Pregnancy Centre and for over 20 years, I have had the distinct privilege to speak into the lives of women.

Whether teaching Bible studies, lay-counseling at the local Crisis Pregnancy Centre, speaking events or training volunteers for ministry, I have loved encouraging women to be all they can be for God’s purpose on earth.


I have had the privilege of working together with Maria Egilsson and have found her to be a person with strong discernment gifts, an ability to compassionately speak the truth in love, and challenge in a way that is direct yet invites dialogue and reflection.  She possesses obvious leadership gifts and is able to speak to underlying issues in a way that is perceptive and enlightening.  I highly commend her to you.  Dr. Ken Thiessen,   Senior Consulting Partner – Power of One Consulting

It has been a pleasure to have Maria as part of our spiritual world for the past several years.  Her words of encouragment and wisdom have helped us through some of the challenges of ministry and into the quietness of God.  Maria has been an example to my wife and I as we see the world she faces with a persistance to be the woman of God she is meant to be.  Maria’s understanding of all things personal and private have made her a great confidant for Heather and a joy to share with.  I am pleased that she is serving the Lord in so many significant ways.  As Maria begins this new writing phase of life there is certainty that she will bless through Christ those who share in this ministry.    Rev Randy Stanton – Lead Pastor  First Baptist Church,  Brandon 

Maria Egilsson has a definite heart and passion for ministering to women! She clearly leads out of that passion as she articulates very well and as she shares her nurturing personality and heart with those around her. Her attentive spirit allows her to not only listen and hear but to discern and lead in a way that is thoughtful , caring and decisive. Maria’s heart for the implementation of God’s word in women’s lives is deep. This combination of gifts ,strengths and passion, gives you a woman seeking after God and desiring to draw others towards her heavenly Father.

Bev Thiessen Previous co-ordinator for Gift & Called Training Seminar