Has God given you a dream

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Our days are built around a routine of the ordinary and often, the mundane; those cycles of work, family, meals, social obligations and commitments. 

I think that the older we get the more comfortable these routines become and we forget to challenge ourselves with something new.

Can you even remember when you did something for the first time?  

Maybe it’s time to get up today and something new – no matter how big or how small.  It often begins with one small step. 

Is there a “dream’ that’s dormant?  A desire for something “different” but you don’t know what yet?  Is there a stirring and a longing to step out into what you feel God has purposed you for?

Maybe this is the day that you need to get up and start saying “yes” to new experiences.

Thinking about your dreams will remain just that unless you begin with one small step towards their fulfillment.

God has given to you unique gifts and core passions and He does not want you to bury them in the sand.  They are to be used, where you are, right now.

Maybe it is time to resurrect those dreams that have been on the back burner.  You know the ones that have had you thinking that “someday, when I have time, I will…”

Maybe that time is now.

What is the allure of blogs?

Why do I write and why does anyone ever read what I write?  I mean, my blog is one blog in an ocean full of blogs.  There are beautiful blogs about homes and hobbies.  Blogs about families and singers mixed in with a myriad other categories.  There are blogs that preach, teach and exhort. 
Every few months I take stock to ask myself “why”.  It’s definitely not for recognition and status.  If you are seeking to read words of someone you think “has answers”, it is not me.  I am no great leader, author, speaker or dispenser of wisdom.  I’m someone who simply loves Jesus and who firmly believes that He loves us lavishly, deeply and thoroughly. 
I write because words stir within my soul.  Sometimes I cannot sleep until I give them expression.  Often the words are the prayers of my heart to Him and for the reader whose heart seeks after Him.
I write because He nudged me to share publicly what I have often written privately, on pen and parchment within the covers of many journals.
I write because it stretches me and moves me far away from my comfort zones. 
I am a signpost on this journey of faith that points others to Him.
I am a clay vessel that pours out the treasures that He has given in offering to others.
I write and miraculously you show up to read and to comment.  This humbles me, greatly.
Please, I am not concerned with compliments as I know I would write even if no-one ever reads. 
I am curious though in finding out why do you read blogs and what kind of blogs you like to read (this is not fishing for comments about my own), I really am curious. 
I would love to hear your comments.