I am a seeker,
a wonderer and
a worshiper.
I read alot and I write alot.
About God, about life, about how it hurts sometimes.


I am a visual artist,

figurative painter and part-time Fine Arts student. I was born in the Northern part of England but now call Manitoba home. My art is inspired by the dance of the soul and it consists of colours that range from bold impasto effects to soft and ethereal.

I am for the art of quiet imperfect places, the slow trickle of words. I am for the art that collects moments contained within each breath and in their exhalation, a song unfolds; a sacred selah where a new narrative rises from the stillness. I am for the art that covers the heart with calm during the storm and gives voice in seasons where it is hard to find the words.

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Life is better with coffee and shared with friends.
So come and join in where we share the hope with have in Him sprinkled with joy and laughter along the way.